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Tarush Roy

Hello, I'm Tarush Roy, but you can call me Troy! I live in Victoria, British Columbia, and I'm a student at the University of Victoria. My major is in Computer Science, with a specialization in software systems. I'm driven by my passion for making awesome products, and my desire to always keep learning.

I recently completed a 7-month co-op at VINN Automotive as a Quality Assurance Analyst where I worked alongside a fantastic team of developers. During my time there, I developed automated tests for a React.js and Ruby on Rails web application. I also took on frontend and backend tickets to resolve bugs and implement new features.

I enjoy playing video games, listening to podcasts and audiobooks, and I love all things space! I'm always open to expanding my network so reach out to me through LinkedIn or email if you'd like to connect!

Work Experience

Quality Assurance Analyst

September 2022 - March 2023

VINN Automotive

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

At VINN, I worked as a Quality Assurance Analyst on a React.js, Next.js and Ruby on Rails based web application. Working as a QA allowed me to gain insights into every aspect of the software development life cycle, from frontend development, to the backend, API, and dev ops. During my time there, I got to work on rewriting the end-to-end tests in Cypress, refactoring the CI pipeline to optimize its performance, as well as squashing bugs, and implementing new features.

I worked primarily on front-end development and tests with some back-end tasks using Rails. I also used Rails and React's RTK Query for the API. I'm particularly proud of my implementation of an embedded google maps interface on the admin portal with custom map markers and performance optimizations, such as only rendering markers in the current bounds and clustering nearby markers to decrease the number of markers rendered at high zoom levels. I am also proud of my work on the end-to-end test suite, where I brought down the execution time on the CI pipeline by 70% per pull request using parallelization and other general improvements.

We worked in 2-week sprints, initially using Jira, and then transitioning to Linear as the project management software. I worked with Git, and GitHub for source control, and to manage my work.

I am forever grateful for the opportunity to work there, meet awesome people, and make great friends and connections.






Redux / RTK Query


Ruby on Rails






CSC 305 - Introduction to Computer Graphics

  • Programmed a ray tracer to render spheres and parallelograms in orthographic and perspective camera models using basic shading, including diffuse and specular lighting, as well as reflections and refractions in C++.
  • Extended the ray tracer to render triangle mesh objects, as well as implemented an acceleration data structure to speed up the render times from hours down to seconds for larger object files.
  • Programmed a rendering system for the triangulated 3D models based on rasterization using a simplified raster framework provided, to support wireframe rendering, 2 types of shading, object transformation systems, and camera models.
Source Code available at github.com/tarushroy/intro-computer-graphics
Ray Traced DragonA rendered image of a high vertex count object, using ray-tracing, including reflections and shadows. This image was generated in under 5 seconds using the AABB Tree acceleration structure.
Bunny Animation - Per Vertex ShadingA GIF of a bunny object, generated using an implementation of a rasterization based rendering system. This uses per-vertex shading, coupled with diffuse and specular shading for the lighting system.

2D n-body Simulation

This is a small side project I made using Unity and C#, inspired by Sebastian Lague's 3D Solar System and n-body simulator. The planets can fly off the screen, so make sure you refresh the page if the screen is empty!Make sure you check back on my progress, because I plan to make this more interactive, and build some more cool features!Source Code available at github.com/tarushroy/2d-nbody-sim

This Website!

I made this website as an extension to my resume, as well as a way to showcase my skills as a web developer. It's also a great way for me to upload fun projects to share with my friends, family and acquaintances!

If you'd like to check out more projects I've worked on, you can visit my GitHub page at github.com/tarushroy.


BSc, Computer Science

September 2017 - Present

University of Victoria

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Some of my notable courses include: Software Development Methods, Software Testing, Programming Languages, Computer Communication and Networks, Introduction to Computer Graphics, Operating Systems, Database Systems, Computer Architecture, Human Computer Interaction, and Algorithms and Data Structures I & II.